Case Study: The Everything Guide To Integrative Pain Management




Client: Traci Stein

Summary: Traci Stein, Ph.D., MPH, a health psychologist for several decades, engaged the services of Media Connect to promote her book, The Everything Guide To Integrative Pain Management (Adams Media), and a series of instructional CDs. We presented her to the media as an expert on health, stress, and healing. We generated dozens of media placements for her, including the following:

Sample Print & Online Coverage

Bustle Articles

Radio Interviews

  • WEOL-AM Radio, Cleveland, OH
  • WMST-AM Midmornings on Main with Dan Manley, Lexington-Fayette, KY
  • WOCA-AM Ocala Live!, Ocala, FL
  • KMA-FM Land radio, Omaha, NE
  • WISR-AM with Dave Malarkey, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Barb Adams Live/Genesis Communications Network, (hour 2) Nationally Syndicated
  • KBOO-FM Healthwatch with Dr. David Naimon, Portland, OR
  • WBZ-AM “Women’s Watch”, Boston, MA
  • WRVN-AM “Holistic Health Hour with Frankie Boyer”, Boston, MA
  • WHFS-AM “The Business of Wisdom”, Tampa, FL
  • WILY-AM&FM “Morning Drive with Doug Dunahee” St. Louis, MO
  • WNZK-AM “The Bright Side of Aging”, Detroit, MI
  • WAMV-AM “Morning Drive”, Amherst, VA
  • KPOV-FM “The Open Air Show”, Bend, OR
  • WRHI-AM “WRHI Morning Show, Charlotte, SC
  • WMMM-FM “Kitty and Jonathan Show”, Madison, WI
  • WFIN-AM “Good Mornings with Chris Oakes”, Toledo, OH
  • KOPN-AM “Penguin Tracks with Jill Sheets” Columbia, MO
  • WEOL-AM “AM Drive with Bruce Van Dyke”, Elyria, OH
  • WISR-AM “Morning Drive with Jeff Williams” (NPR Affiliate), Carbondale, IL
  • WKNY-AM “Morning Drive with Warren Lawrence”, Kingston, NY
  • WGRT-FM “News Feature” with Cathie Martin, Port Huron, MI
  • KCHE-AM “AM Drive with Nikki Thunder”, Sioux Fall, IA
  • KKVI-AM “Valder Beebe Show”, Emory, TX
  • WESB-AM “Live Line with Anne Holiday”, Bradford, PA
  • WKDE-AM “AM Drive with Kyle Hoenhe” Altavista, VA
  • WXGM-AM “AM Drive with Neal Steele” Gloucester, VA
  • WFLO-AM “Call Flo Morning Show with Chris Brochon”, Farmville, VA
  • KWKM-FM “Power Morning Party”, Saint Johns, AZ
  • WCXZ-AM “Amis in the Morning”, Harrogate, TN
  • KIKO-AM “KIKO Morning Show with Jim Barter”, Claypool, AZ
  • KOGA-AM “Midwest Opinions”, Oglala, NE
  • KLTF-AM “Morning Drive with Ron Specker”, Little Falls, MN
  • KXYL-AM “KXYL Morning News”, Brownwood, TX
  • KSAL-AM “Morning Drive with Jeff Garretson”, Hutchinson, KS

Podcast Interviews





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— JOHN GRAY, AUTHOR, Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus