Case Study: Art & Place




Client: Phaidon Press

Phaidon Press issued a beautiful photography book entitled Art & Place. MEDIA CONNECT was asked to conduct a targeted media campaign for several months.

The campaign for Art & Place was a very successful campaign, despite one challenging element.

The book was not written by one author. The book is credited to the editors of Phaidon Press. In today’s publishing world that relies heavily on an author’s platform to publicize a book, pre-publication planning to overcome this challenge was a top priority. Amanda Renshaw was one of the editors of the book, and MEDIA CONNECT positioned her as the “Lead Editor” and she became the go-to person for all interviews. Also, her name was prominently highlighted on all press materials for those in the media who were going to cover the book in some way, but weren’t going to need to interview her for a story

Organized geographically, Art & Place is an unprecedented overview of site-specific art across North, Central, and South America from 10,000 BC to the present day.  This one-of-a-kind book offers an in-depth and extensive look at major works from all periods that are inextricably linked with their site. From Isamu Noguchi at Storm King Art Center, Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate in Chicago, and Donald Judd in Marfa, to the Toltec warriors at Tula and the Moai on Easter Island, all the featured works are specifically made for, or installed in, a particular place – a landscape, or an interior or an urban environment.

The results have included major national media coverage, including multiple placements in the following top-tier publications and dozens of local media outlets:






As a first time author of my Children's book, Anzard, Media Connect has done an amazing job to promote me on a national level as if I were a best seller. Their efforts were tireless in getting me air time with radio interviewers in many states, they got me me a small army of enthusiastic 'Mommy Bloggers' to promote my book and they even got me registered in many gift guides for the holidays. It's not just the professionalism that I appreciate it's how they never give up, they stay in touch and they treat you with the utmost respect. I'm on my second Children's book and when it's done I'm calling Media Connect, and its great team, to do the marketing and promotion.
— CHRISTOPHER CONROY, Self-published author of Anzard