Case Study: Altered Genes, Twisted Truth




Client: Steven M. Druker

Description: MEDIA CONNECT conducted a boutique campaign for public interest attorney Steven M. Druker’s book Altered Genes, Twisted Truth. The book tells the fascinating and frequently astounding story of how the massive enterprise to restructure the genetic core of the world's food supply came into being, how it advanced by consistently violating the protocols of science, and how for more than three decades, hundreds of eminent biologists and esteemed institutions have systematically contorted the truth in order to conceal the unique risks of its products–and get them onto our dinner plates. MC executed a national campaign with an emphasis on traditional media (print, TV, radio), online outlets, as well as social media and the organization of three press conferences, which featured preeminent primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall as a special guest. These press conferences took place in Washington, DC, Toronto, and Salt Lake City, UT.  

Results: The book received widespread positive coverage in general consumer media, health and science outlets, and political media. Druker appeared on The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann, The Judith Regan Show, Progressive Radio Network, and UTAH Public Radio. The book was featured on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher in addition to several major online outlets such as,, Huffington Post, MarketWatch, National Geographic, The Hill, U.S. News & World Report, and many more.

Media Highlights:

MEDIA CONNECT Team: David Hahn, Adrienne Fontaine, and Emily Labes




PTA's excellent radio satellite tours helped to put Michael Lewis's book, THE NEW NEW THING, on national bestseller charts and to keep it there. Their speedy, sharply focused work yielded great results, and their responsible, attentive style was always a pleasure.
— LOUISE BROCKETT, Vice-President, Director of Publicity, W. W. Norton & Company