Case Study: The Joy of Costco: A Treasure Hunt from A to Z




Media Connect promoted this book with great success during the fall of 2023.  The Joy of Costco is a unique coffee table book starting with a history of Costco.  It then featured fascinating factoids and points of interest about the company in a cleverly designed A to Z format.  After six months in the marketplace, it has already sold close to 50,000 copies and has been covered by a wide range of media including the New York Times, Good Morning America, the Wall Street Journal,, People, and many other national and local outlets across the country.  See below for a comprehensive listing. In addition, Media Connect provided media coverage during a nationwide tour by the authors that included stops in as many as ten cities, including major coverage in NYC and Seattle where Costco is headquartered.  We also arranged for several book talks at bookstores, libraries, and book festivals. 






*Good Morning America – Link here 

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*The Global Herald – Posted GMA segment – Link here 

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*Daily Flash - Link here. Daily Flash is nationally syndicated to over 300 television stations including:  

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*Tampa-St. Pete, FL WWSB-ABC 

*Detroit, MI                WKBD-CW 

*San Antonio, TV        KSAT-ABC/OTT 

*Milwaukee, WI           WVTV-CW  




*New York Times - Link here 

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*NY Post – Ran the FOX Business story. Link here. 

*Insider – several syndicated articles - Link here and here and here and here and here 

* – Link here.  Ran in MSN and Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide   

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*Eat This, Not That! – Several articles - Links here and here and here 

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*WGN-AM / Chicago - Link here 

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*WLW-AM / Cincinnati – Link here 

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*Detroit Jewish Book Fair - Link here 

*Allen Public Library / Dallas - Link here  

*University of Washington Bookstore / Seattle - Link here 

*Ann Arbor District Library - Link here 




As a first time author of my Children's book, Anzard, Media Connect has done an amazing job to promote me on a national level as if I were a best seller. Their efforts were tireless in getting me air time with radio interviewers in many states, they got me me a small army of enthusiastic 'Mommy Bloggers' to promote my book and they even got me registered in many gift guides for the holidays. It's not just the professionalism that I appreciate it's how they never give up, they stay in touch and they treat you with the utmost respect. I'm on my second Children's book and when it's done I'm calling Media Connect, and its great team, to do the marketing and promotion.
— CHRISTOPHER CONROY, Self-published author of Anzard