Case Study: Containing Big Tech: How to Protect Our Civil Rights, Economy, and Democracy




Client: Tom Kemp

MEDIA CONNECT executed a boutique campaign for Containing Big Tech: How to Protect Our Civil Rights, Economy, and Democracy (Fast Company Press), by tech policy advisor and privacy expert Tom Kemp. The book exposes the consequences of Big Tech's digital surveillance, exploitative use of AI, and monopolistic and anticompetitive practices. Kemp offers actionable solutions to these problems and a clear path forward for individuals and policymakers to advocate for change. Some of the top-tier highlights of the campaign included interviews and features in InformationWeek, Engadget, The Hill, The Next Big Idea Book Club, Porchlight’s ChangeThis site, the Greensboro News & Record, as well as interviews on the Motley Fool Money podcast, Bloomberg Businessweek Podcast, Wharton Business Daily, the PREVAIL Podcast, the Tech Privacy Press podcast, WGN (#1 news/talk in Chicago), KOA (#1 talk in Denver-Boulder), and Rich Valdes’ America at Night. In addition, Tom conducted numerous interviews in niche outlets covering tech, books, and other relevant topics. 



Next Big Idea ClubThe book was included in club’s August 2023 Must-Read Books list here 

Next Big Idea Club Book BiteTom recorded a “book bite” for the site here. 

InformationWeek –interview here. 

Open Markets Institute interview in the institute’s The Corner newsletter here. 

Cybernews- interview here. 

The Brainwaves Video Anthology  - interview here and here. 

Tech Times feature here. 

Greensboro News & Record gave the book a positive, thorough review here. 

SiliconANGLE review here. 

Journal of Data Protection & Privacy reviewed the book.  



The Hill – ran Tom’s OpEd on curtailing data brokers here. 

Engadgetran an excerpt, Road Map to Containing AI, here. 

Tech Policy Press – ran a byline article, Let’s Make Privacy Easy 

Porchlight BooksChangeThis blog ran a 2,000 word excerpt here. 

CEOWorld – ran an OpEd on AI here. 



The Bloomberg Businessweek podcast – interview here. 

Motley Fool Money podcast – interview here. 

Wharton Business Daily (SiriusXM Channel 132) – interviewed Tom. 

Tech Policy Press –interview here. 

FUTUREPROOFinterview here. 

PREVAIL podcast – interview here. 

The CTO Showinterview here.  

White House Chronicleinterview here. 

The Ross Kaminsky Show (KOA radio, #1 talk station in Denver-Boulder) – interview here. 

The Lisa Dent Show on WGN Radio (#1 news/talk in Chicago, IL) – interview here. 

Rich Valdes America at Night – interview here. 

The Public Morality Podcast – interview here. 

School for Startups – interview here.  

Redefining Society/ITSPmagazine – interview here.  

Keen On podcast- interview here.  

Instruction Discussion Podcast – interview here. 

Big Questions with Cal Fussman Podcast – interview here. 





The PTA team has done an outstanding job promoting our book series. No matter what our title is or the angle we need to deliver, the PTA team makes it happen for us. From morning drive radio tours to print media placement, PTA has the experience. We have long term plans to work with this talented group of media experts.
— MITCH MERKER, Publisher, The Approved Group Inc,