Case Study: Teach to Work: How a Mentor, a Mentee, and a Project Can Close the Skills Gap in America




Client: Patty Alper

Summary: Patty Alper, the president of the Alper Portfolio Group, a marketing and consulting firm, retained the services of Media Connect to promote her book, teach to Work: How a Mentor, a Mentee, and a Project Can close the Skills gap in America.  Her empowering message was a call to action for people to step up as mentors. Her book provides a step-by-step guide to help professionals share their knowledge with the next generation of workers though an intergenerational experience. Media Connect secured media exposure for the book with a blend of interviews, reviews and feature stories in print, online and via radio. Forbes, HuffPost, SiriusXM, and Thrive Global were among dozens of new media outlets to cover this inspiring book.

Media Highlights:

  • – ran Richard Eisenberg’s interview.
  • Huffington Post – Marty Zwilling reviewed the book.
  • Female First (1,347,000 UMV) – ran a bylined  
  • Great Leadership – ran a byline
  • – ran a byline
  • Leadership Insights – business blogger Skip Prichard ran a Q&A
  • Midwest Book Review – reviewed the book
  • PBS Next Avenue (+1.1M UMV) - Senior Web Editor Richard Eisenberg interviewed the author
  • Startup Professionals Blog –posted review
  • Top Amazon Review Charles Ashbacher – posted his review on Goodreads, his review blog and
  • ThoughtLeaders – ran a byline
  • Worlds Awaiting for BYU Radio at SiriusXM (Channel 143) – interviewed the author
  • Thrive Global (Huff Post Sister Site) – ran a byline
  • Training Industry Magazine Online – ran a byline 
  • HRM Canada – interviewed the author
  • Toronto Star  – ran Brandie Weikle’s article
  • Better Leaders Better Schools  – interviewed the author
  • Business Brain Food podcast – interviewed the author
  • Dana Barrett Show – interviewed the author
  • Everyday MBA podcast –interviewed the author
  • Experience Pros Radio Show – interviewed the author
  • Onward Nation podcast  – interviewed the author
  • Teaching Learning Leading Podcast  – interviewed the author
  • The Dov Baron Podcast (Fortune 500 Podcast and Top Podcast for NextGen Leadership and Business Families) – interview the author
  • The Mike Schikman Show – interview the author
  • The Principal Center Podcast  – interviewed the author
  • Top of Mind (BYU Radio) – interviewed the author
  • WCCO Radio (#1 Talk in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN) – interviewed the author
  • WOCM’s The Rude Awakening Show – interviewed the author

MEDIA CONNECT Team: David Hahn, Adrienne Fontaine, Spencer Bement, and MK Cornfield




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