Case Study: But It’s Your Family…: Cutting Ties with Toxic Family Members and Loving Yourself in the Aftermath




Client: Dr. Sherrie Campbell

  • NBC News Better- Featured in a piece on dating and “cookie jarring.”
  • YAHOO! Lifestyle: Featured Dr. Sherrie in an article on 10.23.19 on Relaciones abiertas: Open relationships and her book title. Read here
  • Next AvenueInterviewed Dr. Sherrie Campbell for an article on 11.14 regarding How to Help Older Adults During the Holidays Up   
  • Talking Live with Dr. Robi Ludwig Dr. Sherrie appeared on Talking Live with Dr. Robi on 6.24.19 in New York City at 6:00pm EST and also had appeared on a Facebook Live stream and Instagram story. The segment was 20 minutes featured a Q&A about her book.
  • KATZ-TV Channel 7:  Booked and appeared on 10.03.19 for this daily talk show based in Phoenix, AZ for a live interview about her book as of 9.11.19. The producer is in talks with MC to regularly schedule Dr. Sherrie Campbell for a segment entitled, “Ask Dr. Sherrie”!
  • UpJourney: Included Dr. Sherrie and her book title in a piece on 11.19.19 entitled  How To Let Go of Someone You Love and Move On. Read here
  • Hempure CBD:  Tips on surviving the holiday season. Sherrie was featured in this piece on this blog. Read here
  • Bustle: What Happens To Your Body When You Fight Your Feelings for Someone published on 12.4.19 and mentioned the book title in the article
  • Thriveworks- Dr. Sherrie interviewed for article on How does divorce affect a child’s future relationship. Published on 3.15. Read here
  • Centennial Media- Dr. Sherrie interviewed on 3.22 for an article on modern Grandparenting.  
  • Psychology Today: Dr. Sherrie was included in an article on Should You Be Friends with Your X on 4.29.19. Read here
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  • Highlighted Dr. Sherrie’s book online in an interview on 4.26.19. Read here
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  • Nail Pro: Dr. Sherrie was selected for a story in this business magazine on how to deal with post-holiday blues (GET LINK)
  • Medium: Included in Best Books written in 2019 to Transition to 2020. Read here
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  • Mentally Fit: Interviewed Dr. Sherrie on 3.13 in remote video interview to continue discussing mental health in their private Facebook group and now asked her to appear regularly on program.
  • LA Talk Radio- “On the Couch with Dr. Michelle”- airdate of interview on 4.19.19. Listen here
  • The Feminine Roadmap: Interviewed Dr. Sherrie on 4.12 from 1:00-2:30 pm PST via Zoom video link. Link posted on 7.15.19. Listen here
  • You’ve Got This- Interviewing Dr. Sherrie on 5.3 from 7:30-8:05am PST via Skype. Topic-
  • How to Help Anxious Kids. Podcast aired on 8.26. Listen here
  • The Diane Ray Show:  Interviewed Dr.Sherrie live on 9.18.19. Listen here
  • Talk with Francesca- Interviewed Dr. Sherrie on 5.3.19 about her new book
  • Nationally syndicated radio show, Ron Van Dam Show, interviewed Dr. Sherrie.
  • WNPV-AM in a suburb of Philadelphia interviewed her.
  • On The Couch with Dr. Michelle, in Los Angeles, interviewed Dr. Sherrie.
  • It’s Your Health- NPR Nationally Syndicated Radio booked Dr. Sherrie appeared on 5.28. 19 – and then was asked to participate on a weekly guest spot on this program.
  • Conscious Talk Radio: Interviewed Dr. Sherrie on 6.27.19. Listen here
  • The Politics of Living- KBOO-FM Portland, Oregon: Interviewed Dr. Sherrie on 7.15.19 at 7pm Pacific. Interview will air on Wednesday, 8.7.19 from 9:00-10:00 am Pacific. Listen here
  • Be Present-The Diane Ray Show: Dr. Sherrie appeared in two interviews.





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