MC Client Thomas Anderson on the New York Times Bestseller List

 Media Connect helped launch a controversial personal finance/investment book, The Value of Debt: How to Manage Both Sides of Your Balance Sheet to Maximize Wealth by Thomas Anderson (Wiley Books), to No. 9 on The New York Times best-seller list for business hardcovers (October 13). The list can be viewed here

The debut book by a nationally recognized wealth strategist promulgates a powerful approach to debt and personal finances, maps out tax-free retirement income, and reveals a tool that both insulates against financial emergencies and also helps finance luxury items, real estate, and investing. He applies lessons from corporate financing practices and applies them to individuals. His views may seem contrarian, even controversial, but he provides a compelling, alternative and holistic approach to personal finances.

"The Value of Debt challenges our basic assumptions and beliefs about the wise and strategic use of debt," says Media Connect SVP Brian Feinblum. "It applies the strategic principles of corporate finance to one's personal wealth and shows us how to manage both sides of the balance sheet."

Anderson utilizes many of the strategies he employed as an investment banker and as a nationally recognized private wealth advisor with Morgan Stanley.  He understands that in order to grow assets - or to protect and preserve them - investors can benefit by embracing debt as a part of their financial portfolio.

Anderson has been featured on 20 radio interviews, including ones that aired on Sirius/XM radio, Radio America, USA Radio Network, KYW in Philadelphia, WBEW in Chicago, KLZ in Denver, and KJFF in St. Louis. Media Connect is executing a national media strategy for the book and the branding of Anderson.  For more information about him and his breakthrough book, please consult:



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