WATCH: Author Ron Friedman on Good Day New York

New York News

Social Psychologist and the author of The Best Place to Work Dr. Ron Friedman appeared on FOX’s “Good Day New York” to discuss modern workplace culture and companies that are breaking the mold. Dr. Friedman spoke with business reporter Alison Morris on how companies are truly giving their employees an environment to thrive in. According to Dr. Friedman’s research, our environment has a profound impact on the way that we think. When we're given an environment that helps us do our work, we're a lot more impactful in the work that we do. A few of the companies spotlighted include Silverline, which promotes happy hours on the job and ping-pong and shuffleboard tables in the office, Etsy, where new hires receive $100 gift cards towards decorating their workspace, and Starwood Hotels, which just launched Starlab, an innovative and collaborative new work space.

Watch the full segment above. Read more about Dr. Friedman’s work here.



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