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Social Media Best Practice Tips: 4 Social Media Sites Every Christian Should Know

We’re all familiar with Twitter and Facebook – and they’re a great place to make your presence online when you’re trying to promote your book. But for Christian books, however, there is another alternative: Christian-specific social media platforms. The goal of Christian social media sites is to provide a place where Christians can connect online to socialize with others to discuss their faith, spread the gospel, and generally share life topics in a Christian environment.

Read on for four of the bigger Christian social media sites you should have on your book promotion radar:



1. ShoutLife: This site describes itself as having a “fresh” approach to Christian social media. It prides itself on its clean content, and the ability to access a wide range of authors, music, comedy and various organizations. The features are akin to traditional social media sites, including: messaging, video and audio upload, and – like Facebook – unlimited photo uploads. Because photos are the most-shared and most-engaged form of content, turn your book quotes and bible passages into graphics! This site is a great way to connect with Christian readers, and other Christian authors as well.

2. JCFaith: When it comes to this site, think MySpace at its outset – it boasts great music and video share features. If you have a book trailer or any promotional videos for your book, this is the site to join. You can also host your own blog as well as host live chats, which is perfect for a book reading or author Q&A.

3. Tangle: This social media community’s goal is to provide a wholesome place for Christians to share photos, videos, and conversation. Like Facebook, groups and organizations can enter the mix as well, such as Churches and ministries – which is also great if the church you are a member of is active. If your church or ministry is on Tangle, get in touch to see if they would publish a post about your book.

4. MyChurch: As far as social media networking goes, this community specializes in helping Christians find members from the same church, allowing people around the world to remain connected to their church communities. For that reason, it attracts many missionaries. A special feature is that MyChurch included prayer request capability, as well as photo and video sermons.

Taking into account the influence that social media can have on one’s spirit, its power to connect devout Christians together in a clean environment makes Christian social media platforms an ideal place to be for Christian authors looking to spread the message about their books.



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