POWERHOUSE: 13 Teamwork Tactics the Build Excellence and Unrivaled Success by Kristine Lilly and Dr. John Gillis Jr. with Lynette Gillis

MEDIA CONNECT was hired by Kristine Lilly and John Gillis to promote their business book in 2019.† The goal was to introduce Kristine and John to the business media via the book and increase their visibility in the business community to secure future consulting work.

Our approach was to capitalize on Kristineís success in the sports arena and the bookís insights into teamwork to capture a mix of business, sports and consumer media.† We rode the coattails of the popularity of the US womenís soccer team leading up to the Womenís World Cup played in France in June of 2019 to land major broadcast interviews and print placements for the authors.† In addition, we set up a series of book talks for Kristine and John culminating in a very successful author event at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The media reaction to the book was tremendous.† Over 30 placements and interviews were secured with the business media; 27 sports media outlets covered the book, local media featured the book in Boston and Austin, and more than 12 book talks took place during the campaign.†

Some of the media highlights included:

Fox and Friends

FOX News Radio

CNN International News

NPRís Wait, Wait Donít Tell Me

NPRís Only A Game

LA Times

USA Today

The Guardian

New York Daily News



WBZ-TV (Boston)

Talent Development

Bloomberg Radio https:

Management Today

BBC World Service

WBURís Only a Game††††

CBS Radio

Wharton Business Radio

NBC Sports/ Telemundo



If I haven't told you lately... you're doing an amazing job!
— MARLENE BAER, Regal Marketing & Publicity Manager