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David Wheaton

David is the host of The Christian Worldview, a weekly, nationally-syndicated radio program that airs on 225 stations. In addition, David is a contributing columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune and a sought-after speaker.

Do you prefer being pitched by email or are you open to phone calls?
Email only - feedback@TheChristianWorldview.org

Are there specific days or time of day that you prefer being contacted?
Anytime by email is fine.

What topics currently interest you the most?
We cover current events, culture and faith from a decidedly biblical perspective. I would recommend looking at our past programs page on TheChristianWorldview.org to see what topics and guests we have had.

Whatís the most common mistake publicists make when approaching you?
Pitching a topic way outside our area of focus.

Do you like receiving galleys? Do you prefer physical or e-versions of a book?
Physical versions of book are best. Not so much on galleys unless itís a major author who we would be having on the show around the release date.

Do you ever feature self-published authors?
Not often but weíll consider if itís a good topic.

What is your typical lead time for an interview?
Two to eight weeks.

Which Christian leader or Christian author would you like to interview most? Why?
We like guests that bring a strong biblical perspective on the topic.

What makes a great interview for you?
Compelling, current, relevant topic and a guest who has strong, concise, biblical answers.

Please briefly describe your demographics or audience.
Adults. The program airs on 225 Christian stations across 37 states and online as well.

Anything else we should know?
We prefer LIVE interviews (Sat, 8am CT) but can pre-record if necessary. Interviews usually last 25 minutes.

We also hear that youíre a published author. Tell us about your latest book, My Boy, Ben.
My Boy, Ben is the story of a yellow Lab named Ben that I had during my pro tennis days and how much of an impact the journey with him made on my life and faith. Dogs, sports, family, singleness, love and loss, and Godís purpose in trials are all themes in the book.

What was the publishing process like for you?
Publishing a book is a long and arduous road but Tristan Publishing made it a wonderful long and arduous road!

How did it feel to be on the other end of the microphone during various interviews for the book?
I really enjoy doing interviews on My Boy, Ben because itís an opportunity to tell new people about a life-changing journey.

What do you hope people will come away with after reading your book?
I hope readers will enjoy the storyóthe close bond between Ben and me, why we love our dogs so much, the behind the scenes of my tennis career and family, and even the love story of a single man considering marriage. But even more, I hope readers will discover the grace and hope that I so desperately needed when they go through their own trial. Itís a good news book!


David Wheaton is an author, radio host, and former professional tennis player.

Davidís first book, University of Destruction: Your Game Plan for Spiritual Victory on Campus (Bethany House, 2005), reached as high as #25 on Amazon. His second book, My Boy, Ben: A Story of Love, Loss, and Grace (Tristan Publishing) released in November 2014.

Formerly, David was one of the top professional tennis players in the world. During his 13 years on tour from 1988-2001, David reached the semifinals or better in singles or doubles of every Grand Slam tournament (including the semi-finals of singles at Wimbledon), attained a career-high singles world ranking of #12, won the prestigious Grand Slam Cup, represented the United States in Davis Cup competition, and scored victories over notable players such as Andre Agassi, Jimmy Connors, Ivan Lendl, Stefan Edberg, Jim Courier, and Michael Chang.

On a personal note, David was born in Minnesota in 1969 as the youngest of four children. He is married to his lifelong best friend, Brodie, and they are the parents of a sonÖand two Labrador Retrievers. David is thankful for his faith in Christ, his family, and living near where he grew up in Minnesota.



Thank you for helping me take my book to the next level.
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