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As the premier provider of book promotion and author publicity services in the United States, MEDIA CONNECT has helped countless authors put their work in front of millions of Americans. Now, we offer a new service that helps organizations with important messages for the public to transform their concepts into highly visible and broadly distributed books. Besides the obvious commercial possibilities, book projects provide a number of crucial benefits for your organization:

  • Broad media access and visibility
  • Important branding opportunities
  • The ability to shape opinion on the vital issues affecting your industry
  • The opportunity to reach and influence members and key constituents

MC Publishing Strategies and Management will drive your book project from conception through publication and promotion, providing all the essential elements of a successful book campaign.

Services and Capabilities

Concept Development

  • Development of the book's direction, market and goals
  • Preparation of the book proposal
  • Preparation of the table of contents & book summary
  • Drafting of an overview of the book's subject and what distinguishes it within its market

Establish Representation

  • Creation of promotional materials for agents and editors
  • Identification and pursuit of suitable agents
  • Identification and pursuit of suitable publishers

Project Development

  • Identification and working arrangement with an appropriate ghost writer
  • Coordination between ghost writer and author
  • Management and oversight of the creative process pre, during, and post publication

Project Promotion

  • Analysis of the market for the book and development of a promotional plan and materials
  • Creation of a promotional campaign leveraging our unparalleled expertise and network of connections in print, television, radio and social media
  • Preparation of a comprehensive press kit addressing all media outlets

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The PTA team has done an outstanding job promoting our book series. No matter what our title is or the angle we need to deliver, the PTA team makes it happen for us. From morning drive radio tours to print media placement, PTA has the experience. We have long term plans to work with this talented group of media experts.
— MITCH MERKER, Publisher, The Approved Group Inc,