Road Tours


From Miami to Los Angeles, New York to Dallas, Chicago to St. Louis, MC has booked the top media in every major city. If you travel often in the course of doing business, let MC canvass the local media for you.

If you travel to a city and you'd like us to secure publicity in that area, just give us advance notice of one month.

To maximize your chances of garnering local media coverage in a targeted tour city, it is helpful if you have a personal or professional connection to it. It also helps if you are doing something while visiting the city, such as conducting a seminar, receiving an award, speaking before an organization, or conducting business. If your book ties into the city or highlights it in a chapter, that too will be helpful.

MC typically schedules two to four interviews (any combination of: TV, Radio, and Print) in each city toured.

MC has earned a reputation for arranging exceptional road tours. These regional media swings noticeably activate the grassroots and add value to one's business travel in all 50 states. MC balances key TV and radio interviews with desk-side reporter briefings in markets you value most. These city tours increase the impact of issues locally and reach your target audiences. MC approaches the most appropriate area news organizations and industry press in order to make the most of your time.

There are often occasions when a client needs to be in a particular city to attend a meeting, give a speech or participate in some other event. In such a situation, we can arrange a Piggyback Tour - in essence piggybacking media interviews on top of the primary reason for being in the city. We would work with you to determine your availability in each city and the feasibility of our attempting to schedule media interviews.

Our knowledge of local TV is unsurpassed due to our extensive road touring with authors and corporate spokespeople. In each market there are a variety of outlets for MC clients, ranging from 6:00 - 7:00 AM news programs that lead into The Today Show or Good Morning America; local Fox morning shows that air from 7:00 - 9:00, midday and noon news programs, daytime talk programs; taped public affairs programs; and of course the evenings news programs. MC's ability to get our clients on these powerful local venues is what makes a road tour worthwhile!

  • MC generally needs a minimum of 4-6 weeks advance notice of travel plans in order to generate the best possible bookings.

  • Media road tours of course also include print and radio interviews.

  • MC coordinates all of the details of the tour and books media around your schedule.



Dress for Success recently released its first-ever coffee table book and MEDIA CONNECT helped us promote the purpose and the passion behind this project. Kristin and her team went above and beyond their commitment to us, securing interviews in many of our top tier markets throughout the country. We are proud to have had them by our side as we announced our new initiative.
— JOI GORDON, CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide