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Remote & Mobile Facilities. Using mobile facilities or "remotes," our guests can be virtually anywhere in the world. Some of our on-location sites have included:

  • The Dallas Cowboys stadium in Texas,

  • a deserted beach in the Pacific Palisades,

  • the starwood Amphitheater in Nashville, Tennessee,

  • the Minneapolis Mall of America in Minnesota, and

  • the remote village of Dundee, Scotland.

Most often our guests are interviewed from one of our many affiliated satellite studios worldwide. Sometimes the interviews are live, other times they are taped for future broadcasts. In all cases, the segments are designed for breaking news or feature news formats.

Media Training

MC will coach and media train you. We have numerous ways of preparing you for your media interviews, including:

  • One-on-one, face-to-face training

  • Coaching by phone

  • E-mailing dozens of coaching tips

We will:

  • conduct mock interviews

  • address your concerns

  • prep you to get your message out in an effective, powerful, and influential manner

  • suggest specific things to say -- or not say

  • review your presentation style, speech patterns, word selection, and body language

  • make sure you are sound-bite ready

Press Kit Development

MC will write and develop a comprehensive press kit, meeting the specific needs of today's media: TV, radio, print, Internet - national and local.

We identify the strongest story angles after fully researching your industry and topic area. We thoroughly review your Web site, blog, book, and background materials. The press materials are designed to not only get the attention of the media, but to help facilitate the media when conducting an interview with you.

The kit consists of many components, including:

  • a press release

  • biography

  • suggested interview questions or Q and A

  • additional pages of story-ready information

  • relevant background materials

  • statistical data and fact sheets



The PTA team has done an outstanding job promoting our book series. No matter what our title is or the angle we need to deliver, the PTA team makes it happen for us. From morning drive radio tours to print media placement, PTA has the experience. We have long term plans to work with this talented group of media experts.
— MITCH MERKER, Publisher, The Approved Group Inc,